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Our team at Thompsons offers a comprehensive service but of course we sometimes need specialists to make sure your pet gets the best treatment. We use several referral hospitals depending on the need of your pet. Most of them are further away but some equipment, such as MRI or CT scanners are big and expensive, so only a few hospitals offer this possibility. We try to make sure you and your pet are happy with our referral.

For orthopaedic problems such as fractures and ligament injuries we are pleased to be able to offer this service. The orthopaedic specialist, Mr Andrew Whittingham, can come to our practice to see and treat your pet. Mr Whittingham has been an specialist for several years and has been coming to our practice since 2004. So you do not have to travel far to get a first class service.

Over the last few years Mrs Sarah Smith has taken cardiology referrals.

Both specialists offer a very personal and dedicated service and we feel they compliment our team very well.