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Looking for something?

Lost and found

Dear Client

This page is for you, so you can display any lost pets.
We will also show any animals which are currently looking for a new home. Occasionally we have stray cats or dogs in. They might have come because they were involved in an accident or thy just got lost. So we are happy to display any photos and their story

Please email us if you have anything for this page

Thank you

Missing cat


Have you seen this ginger tom cat? He went missing on Thursday 10th February

He lives at 55 Sheepwalk Lane, Ravenshead.  He answers to Lion-o.
He is wearing a red tartan collar.

Please ring Heather, Chris and James
on 01623 478295 if you find him


On Thursday the 2nd of December this cat was found in Skegby.
He is male, not neutered and probably just 5 month old.
If this is your cat or you know him, please contact us on 01623-555460

Good News

He has found his proper owner, well the owner found him.
So nice a happy ending


Turbo is looking for a friend.
He is nearly 58 years old and does not want a new young friend.
Maybe another more mature tortoise is out there for him.
Please let us know