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Catfriendly Practice

Here at Thompsons we all love and most of us own cats.

We try to make your cat’s visit as pleasant as possible.
Unfortunately, most cats do not enjoy the journey. Often, it starts at home. They hate the whole experience starting from the cat carrier, the car and then the waiting room. Little changes can often make a big difference in the eyes of your cat. e.g. leave the carrier out for them to explore, put a few treats inside it and then it does not always mean a trip to the nasty vets. You can use Feliway pheromones to make the carrier a haven of happiness (well at least a little bit). If you cover the carrier, your cat will feel safer. A lot more of these tips can be found on the Feline Advisory Bureau website
FAB is a charity dedicated to cats and professional education regarding feline veterinary care. They have a wealth of information for you. Have a look at their website.
We have have been members of FAB and the veterinary part ISFM for several years . They provide us with support and lectures all about cats.

Senior Cat Clinics

Senior Cat Clinic

What does it mean?

Several things.

First of all when is your cat old?
We class a cat between 7 and 10 years as mature. From the age of 11 years we would say a senior cat. When your cat is over 15 years old we can even say geriatric.
For example an 11 year old cat is equivalent to 60 years in human age. Every year adds another 4 human years to it. So that the 21 year old cat is like a 100 year old person.

As you get older, your body changes. Cats are prone to certain diseases. Unfortunately for us they tend to hide them. Instead of limping or crying in pain they just sleep more, don‘t jump up or miss the cat litter tray. We can not make them any younger, but we can help with  improving their quality of life.

During your annual health check with the vet, we will mention some of those common problems. You can ask about them as well.
Your cat‘s weight will be recorded every year and should give us important information.

If your cat is over 8 years old we will examine a urine sample for free. So try to catch one before you come in or let us give you some advice on how to get one.
The urine sample will tell us if your cat can still concentrate their urine. Often, a dilute urine is a first sign of kidney disease, diabetes or a hyperactive thyroid gland.

Another common problem in cats is high blood pressure.
Our nurses can easily measure your cat‘s blood pressure

High blood pressure can be related to other diseases like Kidney disease or Hyperthyroidsim. We also see cats without any underlying diseases and they have high blood pressure, which can be very upsetting.
The measurement is similar to people. A cuff is applied to the front leg and the nurse listens to the pulse

All the nurses love cats and have lots of ideas to help your ageing cat.
Simple things like e.g. a lower cat litter tray can really improve your cat‘s life.
A lot of diseases have a better prognosis when we start to treat them early.
For example cats on a special diet for Chronic Kidney Disease live a lot longer compared to non treated cats.
So there is lots to talk about
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