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Vaccinations are very important for your dogs health. 

The idea behind them is to prevent serious diseases like distemper, parvovirosis, hepatitis and leptospirosis.

At the moment is a big discussion going on about the frequency of vaccinations, but all parties agree that a good primary vaccination is key.  A good primary immune response is needed for a solid protection. 
Protocols evolve all the time and we have to go with the latest research.

Here at Thompsons we recommend the following regime

Your puppy is 8 weeks, so we can start with the first injection. The second injection follows 2-4 weeks later. 10 days after this initial course the puppy can go outside and make new friends.
Because the parvovirus is still quite prevalent in our area we included a third parvovirus vaccination 4-6 weeks after the second vaccination. 

Research showed that the interval between the second vaccination and the first booster injection might not cover all dogs. Especially black and tan dogs like Rottweilers and German Shepherds showed a high incidence of parvovirus disease. 
This vaccination protocol should ensure that your puppy is protected against this common and often fatal disease.

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