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Vaccinating your cat

To keep your cat healthy we recommend to vaccinate your cat.
There are several vaccinations available. The main diseases we vaccinate against are

Feline panleukopenia or cat enteritis

This disease has become more uncommon, but is fatal in young cats. They have diarrhoea and sickness and become easily dehydrated. The immunity from the vaccination is very good and gives a good protection.

Cat flu

Cat flu is caused by a Herpesvirus and Calicivirus. We also see other pathogens like Chlamydia and bacterial infections (Bordetella) playing an increasing part in this disease. The standard viral vaccinations protects your cat against the main parts, but for high risk cats there are different vaccines available. High risk are all cats who meet lots of different cats in stress situation. This can be a cat show or a rescue centre.
Please talk to your vet about the other vaccines.
Cat flu is like the name suggests an infection of the upper respiratory tract. Your cat would have signs like sneezing, coughing and depression. It can be severe in cats of all ages. They stop eating and need a lot of supportive care.

Feline Leukaemia Virus

Feline Leukaemia or FeLV has fortunately decreased since the vaccination was introduced. But we still see cases, so if your cat goes outside we do recommend the vaccination. The virus is spread by contact mostly through fighting and mating.
FeLV is very serious. Some cats develop acute diseases like anaemia, which is mostly fatal. Other cats don't show any symptoms in the beginning and then slowly deteriorate. They can have tumours or general illnesses, because of their failing immune system.

We start vaccinating kittens with 9 weeks. They have 2 injections 3 weeks apart. We recommend an annual booster vaccination.

Please contact us for further information