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Female dogs can be neutered from 5 months of age 


Neutering is an operation to permanently remove the gonades (ovaries or testicles) and make the animal infertile.

The obvious reason is to prevent unwanted babies. Especially cats can produce hundreds of off spring.
But there are a lot more reasons why you should have your pet neutered.
Older female dogs are very likely to get serious diseases like pyometra. The womb fills up with pus and intoxicates the system.
Neutered female dogs are a lot less likely to get mammary gland tumours (breast cancer).
Female rabbits often have ovarial cancer or cysts.

The male can have prostatic problems or testicle cancer.

Male dogs, cats and rabbits can be neutered from 6 month onwards.
Female cats and rabbits we neuter with the same age.
Female dogs can be either speyed before the first season, which is about 5-6 month old or you have to wait for the first season. The best time is 10 weeks after she finished the season. At this time all the hormones have settled and the procedure is a lot safer.

We are happy to discuss any details about the operation with you. We try to make it as comfortable as possible for you and your pet.

Please ring us for advice