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Does your pet have fleas?

Fleas and other visitors

Fleas, lice and mites are all ectoparasites meaning they live off other animals.

Fleas are little insects you can see. Often, you just see their faeces, which is dried blood. They bite and use the blood from dogs and cats as nutrition.
They will jump onto people as well, but can‘t get to our blood. But before they know this they will bite a few times. Not all people or pets are sensitive to fleas, but some get severe reactions.
Flea bites are very itchy. Because of the irritation pets can have severe dermatitis and hair loss.
The tape worm also uses the flea as transport to get into our pets.
So all this is no good.
Effective flea control can be difficult, please ask for advice.
Flea products all work differently and some are very effective and some are not. There are big differences.
And it is as important to protect your house. You only see a small percentage of the problem, most of it is in your carpet/garden/car. Remember that 95% of the flea problem is hidden.

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Mites are more like little spiders. Most of them are so small that you can only see them with a microscope.
Mites cause the well known disease of mange.
Your pet can have different kind of mites. Some are easier to treat than others.
For example Demodex mites live in the hair follicles and are very well protected, which makes it a lot harder for us to kill them.
If your pet shows hair loss and skin irritation come and see us. It is very unpleasant for your pet