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All is ready

Is it Dave? No, it is a hedgehog!

The reception

The prep room


The dog Paul

Open Day

On Saturday the 26th of June we had our Open day.
After a very busy last year we finally had time to show you our new practice.

Our girls did a brilliant job in showing off what we do in the back. Lots of stuffed toys took centre stage. E.g. one had an operation to fix the broken leg, another one was on intravenous fluids to treat the shock after a road traffic accident and so on. Nearly every room had interesting things.

The nurses room was full of food samples for your pets. The orange consulting room was full of food for the human species.

Outside we had the brilliant dog - Paul and hedgehog - Dave. They braved the hot weather and waved to everyone passing by. Thanks a lot!

Hopefully, they have recovered from it.

A lot of people saw them and waved and we heard lots of tooting.

In our car park were several stalls from local charities and pet related businesses. They had nice little treats for pet and owner.
Thank you to
The Guide Dogs
The Cat Protection League
Sherwood Hydrotherapy
Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Neil Lancashire, the photographer was taking pictures from any pet willing to smile. He had his little studio in Ali‘s office.

To make you aware of all the things you could see, we had a little quiz. Lots of people did really well. The tie breaker was a picture of your favourite animal and the lucky winners will be announced shortly.

So all in all it was a lovely day. We had lots of fun talking to you and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you all for coming.
If you missed it, do not worry. The next one will be soon.
Thank you Thompsons team for all your work!