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Thompsons used to be situated at Carsic Lane. And we were happy there, but unfortunately things change.
The car park was going to be built on. The planning permission for 3 storey houses was given and it was nearly sold. Since then the recession stopped the building work, but we were not happy anymore. Where do our clients park?
We improved as much as we could at Carsic, but we desperately needed a third consulting room for our nurses, so we started looking.

And then we found Etwall House. A lovely old building surrounded by a car park.
We loved it and probably bought it more with our heart than our head.

There is so much history in this building.
From our clients we have heard that they played here when it belonged to the coal board, someone saw his doctor here. An architect has also worked from here and when we bought it the traffic control was leasing the building.
We wonder what the ghosts could tell us?

In autumn 2008 the building work began.
In the end we changed nearly everything from the roof down to the flooring.
It was quite a mess when we started.

As anyone knows who has been renovating or building, nothing goes to plan. The amount of work steadily increased and the deadlines came and went.

Eventually you can see some structure and the picture in your head is slowly becoming real.
Especially when the first paint of coat is in place, everything looks better.

We had help from all our staff and their friends and partners, thank you.

The move was exhausting. Lots of helpers, thank you very much.
Lots of things did not go to plan, like the phone lines, surprise surprise.
Sorry for anyone who was caught up in it.

But on the 17th of August 2009 we opened for business as usual, but without a reception desk and proper seats. Fortunately, all the consulting rooms, the kennels and the theatre and prep rooms were ready.

Since then we keep on changing things. By the way, we do have a reception desk now!
You have to live somewhere to know what else you need. There are still lots of things like signs and pictures. The garden has been planted in, so hopefully in a few months it will all look better.

Etwall House

Etwall House when it was used by the council

The scaffolding is going up

The inside is a mess

The flooring is being laid

The first paint makes a difference

The entrance area is shaping up

The door is in place

The paint makes it so much better

All hands on deck

We are in, but no desk

Finally our nurses room used by Kerry