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Alison Sowerby RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse


Ali has worked here so long she cannot even remember when she started but we guess since 1983. She was always one of the main pillars of the practice. Officially she became head nurse when she qualified in 1998. 

Ali became a Partner in 1999, a Director in 2012 and runs the Practice together with Anke. 

She was head nurse until Kerry qualified and took over. She still oversees the training of the nurses but her main job description is to manage the whole practice.

Ali has 2 dogs and 2 cats. Her biggest love is her horse Monty Moo and now she has a second bundle of fun called Grizzy.

Anke Granger MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon


Anke qualified in 1993 in Hanover, Germany. She wrote her thesis at the Institute of Pathology in Hanover and received a Doctorate for this in 1996. In the same year she started working for Mr Thompson. 

In March 1999, Anke and Ali bought the Practice and since then have been getting more and more grey hairs as a result - but why did they invent hair dye?! 

After becoming a Partner Anke became more involved in acupuncture and qualified a veterinary acupuncturist in 2004 after taking the ABVA exam (see To fully qualify you have to build a portfolio of cases and have worked with an experienced acupuncturist.

In 2012 Anke became a Director of the Practice along with Ali.

Anke has one dog, four cats (two fat ones and two thin ones) and three horses. They keep her sane and awake at night!

Michelle Cook MRCVS   

Veterinary Surgeon

Eliza Hajdas

Michelle qualified in 2005 from sunny St George's, Grenada. She worked at another veterinary Practice in the Sheffield area before joining Thompsons in June 2011.

Her household includes 14 beautiful koi, a rescue dog, a rescue cat, a re-homed hamster and a rehabilitated hedgehog that hibenates under the shed! 

Emma Bowden MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Emma joined us in December 2012. She started as a temporary maternity cover and we liked her so much, we made her stay.

And we managed to convince her to adopt a little cat, who keeps the spiders away. In the future she plans to save up and buy a horse.

Sue Hardy MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Sue joined us in February 2009 after working in different small animal practices in the area. She qualified in 1994 from Edinburgh.

She loves working as a general practitioner but also has 2 children, so her time is shared between her family and us. Not forgetting her very special Thoroughbred mare, who is right up there on the list of important things in her life just before the two Border Collies and two cats.

Kerry Fradley RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Kerry joined the team in September 2001. She started her animal career as a pet groomer. When she found out about us she could not resist giving up the hairdryer and turn her hand to caring for all your lovely pets. She went to college and passed her veterinary nursing qualification with distinction in 2004 and is now our senior nurse. She particularly enjoys the laboratory aspect of the job and is very efficient at getting your insurance claims filled in and sent off so you can all recoupe the money that you have spent. Her two children are her cats, Magnum a giant Maine Coon and Bandit who is equally as big and handsome. Of course her partner does have a look in too!!

Alex Johnson RVN 

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Alex joined us in January 2002 after finishing an Animal care course at Broomfield. She first took a distant learning course for Pre-Veterinary Nursing. After completion she took and passed her Veterinary Nursing Course and qualified in 2008. 

Her big interest is behavioural problems of cats and dogs. She is always happy to help and offers behavioral consultations throughout the week to anyone in need.

With Alex joining our team she has brought the horsey people into the majority which means our max leisure topic is now horses. But of course her house is ruled by her lovely siamese cats and several dogs, with Harry being the most trouble in the best kind of way.

Jenny Fielding

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Jen started her work experience with us in 2014 and has stayed! She qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in June 2016 from Nottingham Trent University.

Jen has an interest in small furries and would like to specialise in the nursing care of guinea pigs and rabbits. She would also like to re-start horse riding.

Bekki Carnall

Veterinary Nurse Student

Bekki joined us in Winter 2013 to help us all
with the increased workload.
She helps in the back to keep your pets happy and comfortable. But you will see her at Reception as well. She appears quiet, but wait till you know her!
Her love are her horses, which she and her mother have a few between them.
Bekki started her nursing course in 2016. Yes we convinced her to become a proper Veterinary Nurse!

Pamela Vardy


Pamela joined us in 2006 and was better known as Tilly after her Jack Russell Terrier. Tilly still comes in, but only works part time now, so Pam has to do most of the shifts on her own.
Pam worked at a big supermarket in the area, but prefers our smaller set up. She is in charge of our reception and either Pam or Mandy are probably the first person that you will talk to.

Amanda Shead


Amanda SheadMandy joined us in 2008. She also worked at this big supermarket in the area, but decided to take the plunge and work at a much smaller place. Unfortunately her Border Collie doesn’t like us as much as she does. We have better luck with her Springer Spaniel who comes in quite happily with her tail wagging non stop and her nose to the floor!

Hannah Foster


Hannah joined us in June 2015.
She obtained distinction in her first and entended animal care diplomas as well as in the City and Guilds level 3 in dog grooming from Riseholme College. She undertook her work experience one day a week at Thompsons for her courses, before working at Kennelgate pet shop. She has a lovely Border Collie.