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He has a serious disease of the brain. 
To find out about this we referred him for a MRI scan and other tests. 

He needs lifelong medication and comes every 3 weeks for chemotherapy.

Joshua is doing really well and still loves coming to us. Probably all the treats are helping him to love us.


Kevin has been coming for years and he is not blessed with the best health. Lots of things happened to him. His big eyes are prone to ulcerations. His foldy skin and ears became very badly infected. Fortunately he has dedicated owners who helped him through all his ailments. Unfortunately he lost both his ears and one eye, but you wouldn‘t believe it when you see him. He is such a happy soul, always pleased to come in, gives everyone a kiss and recently only comes for his boosters, well done!
Unfortunately Kevin became very poorly and had to be put to sleep. He died peacefully in his owners arms.
All our thoughts are with them


Maddie is a 7 month old Border terrier and has already had 2 accidents. And she does not do things by halves. First time she broke her right hind leg and had to have it fixed.
We just took the metal work out and she was so happy about it, that she ran into a car and badly injured her left hind. This time it was dislocated and the skin severly injured. So back is the metal and the dressings. We hope she will learn and have no more accidents before her first birthday.
Get well soon x

Our Blood donors

Trinidad one of our brave blood donors

We also would like to say thank you to Rosco and Harry our Rottweiler Blood Bank
And to Amy and Vito our high speed donors. They are big dogs with big veins, so make taking blood so much quicker.
Also thank you to Dawson who is retired now, but has helped many other dogs.

Henry the pug

He is part of the Pug Club.
So if you want to join the Pugs from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, go and find them on facebook!