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Look at his belly!

Still hungry?

First walking attempts

Still likes his bottle

Showing off his washed face

Hobnob is back with his Fostermum.
So he can have a relaxing sleep on his back or to make it even more comfy, using his big friend Bandit as a bed.

All this running around and looking cute is very tiring. Amazing how much cats can sleep.

Hobnob comes to kitten day care now
It is called Thompsons
Look how much fun a plain box can be

Just for a day visit
He came to see us

Does he look grown up?


Jessie Cat



(other biscuits are available)

No, we are not having another cat, but our nurse Kerry is the new mother of a 10 day old kitten.
His real mother came in to be spayed. She had lost her kittens a week earlier and was to be neutered. During her examination we noticed a possible kitten, but thought it would be stillborn. So we proceeded with the operation and found a live kitten. He was quite sleepy from the anaesthetic, but started to eat soon.
Real mummy did not want him and the owners were very surprised and overwhelmed, so Kerry offered to feed him for a bit. And did she feed him, look at his belly!
We are looking for a home for him, but obviously it will take a while. In the meantime follow his progress on line

being mother is hard work, he needs toileting
and constant feeding. Well done Kerry.

He has opened his eyes now

He is playing now

and walking

While Kerry is on holidays Hollie is looking after him. He is doing really well. He learned to use the litter tray. Strange sight when the whole practice is watching him going for a wee.
He has started eating kitten food, even though he prefers the bottle.

Look at him now! He looks like a proper kitten 
and guess what we have found a new home!
You might have guessed, yes Kerry is keeping him.
There was no space for another cat, so she said, but could you resist those eyes!
Well done, for coming so far.

Our little friend came to see us yesterday
He is 18 weeks old now

Catching his mouse

Got it!

Out in the garden

Our cats

Over the years we have had a few practice cats, like the famous big ginger Tiger, who just wandered in off the street. 

A lot of people remember the three legged cat called Daisy who used to pester people coming out of the fish and chip shop. She took residence with Anke and had a few happy years.

Jeeves was quite prominent as well, but unfortunately he passed away a few years ago.

About the same time we got a little ferrel kitten which we named Jessie. She moved Practice with us and occupied the whole first floor and was happy there. In her latter years she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after a period of weight loss and received medication for this and ongoing stifness. She became 20 years old in 2016 and underwent a successful dental but was put to sleep just before Christmas. She is remembered and missed.

Much to Jessie‘s disgust she had to share with Rodney. He moved in, when our lovely neighbour from Carsic Lane had to go into a home. He was called Rodney from 'Only Fools and Horses' because he was so skinny! Unfortunately, we had to put Rodney to sleep in October 2012 but we still remember him very fondly and miss him. xxx